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So, it's been a year and a half.


I'm afraid if I start writing I'll never stop, so I'm just going to update with stuff that happened today.

Ashley moved to Kansas City in February. She has a new job, which she really loves. Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend (that's not the unfortunate part) who lives in Baltimore. He's in KC right now, and she texted me a picture of him getting a tattoo today, telling me how jealous she is and to please wire her money so she can get one, too. (I didn't.)

Erin, Nic, and the three hooligans took the train to NYC today, to spend the weekend. Nic has their visit planned down to the minute, but as usual, rushed them so much this morning that they got on the train without having breakfast, and with less snacks than Erin wanted to bring. He also refused to take the stroller, so they're schlepping around New York with a four-year old and two two-year olds, on foot. I got a million enraged texts from her today, but as I tried to tell her, without pissing her off even more, why do you let him do that stuff? None of this is new. Anyway, nothing has changed. The boys are beyond adorable, wild as can be, Nic is an ass, Erin is unhappy but finally back on antidepressants, and I'm going to see them next month, because Sebastian saw a plane fly over their house the other day and FaceTimed me to ask why I wasn't on it.

Adam is working on opening a bonsai garden about 45 minutes out of Tokyo. We were there last month and his place is beautiful. They found a property with three acres and a great house, which is pretty unusual in Japan, apparently. He called today to ask my opinion on what he plans on charging visitors for bonsai garden tours, day-long workshops at his garden, quarantine and import fees, etc. I'm also supposed to be writing the copy for his website. Like, right now, I need to get it done tonight. Which is why I'm doing this instead.

Neville is getting old. He'll be 12 soon. His right kneecap keeps slipping out of place, like every third step, so he needs to be carried around a lot. He has a very preemptory bark when he needs something. I'm getting some sticky stuff for the bottom of his feet give him some traction, which I hope works. Poor baby.

We acquired another dog last December. A five-year old - well, he's six now - Frenchie. The story is murky, lots of secrets, no one was prosecuted, I don't even think there was an investigation, but someone held him over, then lowered him into an open fire. His chest, face, and all four feet were badly burned. His foster mother had a friend who happened to work in the burn program with Larry and asked his advice about his feet, and we said, here's what dressing to use and we'll take him. He's a white Frenchie and had to wear socks while his feet healed, so we had no choice but to name him Dobby. His right front foot didn't heal well - the pads fused and what's left is very thin, and his two middle toes kept poking through - so Wednesday he had surgery to amputate those toes. He's quite drugged up at the moment, because it hurts, but he's the nicest, friendliest, most loving dog I've ever met. His favorite thing to do is meet new people, because they might tell him how cute he is. I try not to be filled with rage when we deal with his problems, but that's a pretty chronic state for me these days, anyway, so it's not easy.

Lar retired from the burn program at the end of June, but started the beginning of this month as the director of the outpatient wound program. There's no call, no weekends, and it's only three days a week, so he's somewhat more cheerful and less exhausted. Forty years of being on call has kind of beaten him down, so I let him be cranky. He's now a reformed - and appalled - ex-Republican and spends all day watching MSNBC, shaking his head and asking me how we got here. I tell him every time that's what happens when you vote for Republicans. I'm grateful for that conversion, at least, even if there's only so much MSNBC one can take. All. Day. Long.

I'm fine. (she says in the same tone Emma Thompson says it to Alan Rickman at the end of "Love, Actually) I'm heading to Orlando Sunday to spend a day and a half at Disney World with silveryscrape. Luckily I have a wound doctor around to handle Dobby's dressing changes while I'm gone.

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Okay, so it's been a long day. But at 8:02 and 8:03 this morning, Lucas James and Isaac Lennon Poppe were born.

Lucas weighed 7lbs 14.6oz and Isaac weighed 7lbs 5oz. Erin was carrying around more than 15 pounds of baby. She's recovering nicely, although she's pretty tired.

They're extremely adorable, even though they're still at that looking like little old men stage.

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Okay, this is it. Erin is scheduled for a C-section at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. She'll be at 38 weeks and 1 day. The ultrasound from last week estimated Baby A as weighing 7lbs 4oz and Baby B at 7lbs 8oz. Give or take, but that was the estimate. (As she's only gained 18 pounds, it looks like her ass has completely disappeared.)

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So Lucas James and Isaac Lennon will be here soon. I myself have been here since March 28th, and Nic is lucky he's still alive. He's the most annoying person I've ever met, I swear to god. Not a bad person, really, just goddamn annoying. I usually just call Lois or Ashley to vent, otherwise I'd blow up at him and no one needs for that to happen. He'd just accuse me of not treating him with the proper respect, and Erin would have to listen to him whine, so I just concentrate on Erin and Sebastian. Which is much more fun, and way easier.

But tonight I'm excited, so I'm feeling charitable. I also have some chocolate hidden in my purse - can't have it in plain sight or Nic will eat it and then blame Erin for buying it. She should know he has no will power! Hasn't she met his mother?? Would she buy alcohol if she lived with an alcoholic? We can't possibly know what it's like to crave sweet things and then not be able to stop ourselves from eating ALL OF IT. We didn't grow up with brothers and sisters who ate all the food before Nic could get any!

And he still thinks I wasn't happy because he ate all the M&Ms she bought for me, instead of not liking that he gave her such a hard time for buying them and putting them someplace where he could see them.

Charitable, right. I'll stop.

Anyway, Erin is somewhat terrified and still not altogether thrilled that her cozy little family of three is about to become a horde of five. The logistics are worrying her. :)

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Ha, so we had a wonderful time in Chicago last weekend. All three of us had 3:30 flights out of O'Hare on Sunday. It started to snow around noon. hammerhead22 and kiffle left pretty much on time. My flight was, of course, cancelled. There was a plane at the gate. We were one minute from boarding, according to the monitor. As we were standing in line to be rebooked, someone asked why it had been cancelled. Without looking up, the ticket agent jerked his thumb over his shoulder at the window and shrugged, "It's snowing."

So I got rebooked on the 6:45 flight, which left at 8:30 for a variety of reasons, and my suitcase ended up on the 8 o'clock flight, which, by the time I got to Columbus at 10:30, hadn't yet left Chicago. But they delivered it in the middle of the night and when I woke up Monday morning, there it was by the front door.

The best part was that the 6:45 flight was oversold by two, so they wanted volunteers to give up their seats and travel to Columbus the next day. By way of either New York or Charlotte. Seriously, they were offering $300, dinner and breakfast, and a hotel room, to fly to either New York or Charlotte at 7am the next morning, and then fly to C'bus, arriving at 2pm. Like they thought someone would actually do that for less that $1000. (One person actually did, bless their heart.) While at the same time, they were adding people to the standby list, until they were up to 17. We ended up with three standby passengers and two flight crew deadheading.

Whatever. It's a 56 minute flight. How is it so HARD??

But again, we had a fabulous time, because we always do.

Even though I'm not training for a race at present, I've still been running a lot lately. Between 20 and 25 miles a week, mostly because I'm really enjoying it. There's been actual sunshine around here lately. But there's something about going over the 20 mile mark that makes me really hungry. Like, all the time. The amount of almonds, hummus, cottage cheese, peanut butter toast, fish, carrots, and bananas I've been eating is ridiculous. I sit around and think about protein all the time.

(Meanwhile, Ashley tells me Cadbury white chocolate Easter eggs are everything she thought they'd be and more. There's protein in chocolate, right?)

Larry is away in DC at a meeting this week. Neville hates that, because he likes to go to bed at 7:30, as does Lar, and now he has to stay up and sleep on the couch until midnight instead. Poor baby.

Seba has the croup, so now Nic has a cold. Erin told him she does, too, but he said his is different, it's so much WORSE than hers. He's very mansick!

He did finally get Sebastian's baby stuff out of the attic so Erin can start getting things ready for the imminent arrival of, you know, TWINS. She's been asking and asking, and he alway says he'll do it, and then he never does. He's been off work, or at least not teaching classes, since before Christmas. His classes just started up again last Monday, and he still hadn't gotten stuff down at that point. The amount of texts I've received on that subject is pretty amazing, let me tell you.

Fannishly, I'm so boring these days. I'm way behind on SPN this season, and I've only watched the first X-FIles episode. I've recorded them all and Lar and I are planning on watching them together. Sometime. It's weird, I find it hard to revisit old fandoms that I felt strongly about. I remember how I felt, but I can't dredge up the feelings again. Thinking about old fandoms makes me smile, but not much more than that.

The Blue Jackets are doing their usual end-of-season surge, making sure they put themselves well out of contention for the number one draft pick. As usual. They are 0 for 12 when it comes to the draft lottery the years they've been eligible, which is damned impressive.

I did start writing a story the other day, but I have no idea if I'll be able to sustain it. I know what I want to write, but I'm not sure how much difference that'll make in my ability to write it.

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I can tell it's winter and people are doing more reading. Or something. I woke up to kudos on five stories yesterday morning! Two Hawaii Five-0, two popslash - JuC - and one - the only one I ever wrote, for topaz119, Sam/Gabriel. That's quite a variety. And then Suits and Hockey RPF today, along with a couple of SPN stories.

I'm off to Chicago tomorrow with kiffle and hammerhead22 for our semi-annual trip. Two of the last three times we've gone, my flight has been cancelled and I've had to scramble to get there. Last July, I ended up spending HOURS at Reagan Airport in my attempt to get from Columbus to Chicago, which is usually a 50 minute flight. So I'm a little nervous, but so happy to be going.

So Erin only gets 4 weeks of maternity leave at 60% of her pay, because she's worked at the college bookstore for less than a year. Nic, being a professor, can take off a whole semester, so he's going to do that fall semester. His mother, who is a little goofy, wants to come stay and "help" him for the month of August. Except she wants to bring her THREE giant schnauzers with her. (Last year they all went to Nic's sister's in St. Louis for Thanksgiving, and Kathy and Dave brought the dogs with them. And left them in the car for two days. The car was in the garage, and Kathy spent most of her time in there with them, but still. She's very weird about leaving her dogs.) So she either wants Erin to find her a place she can stay with the dogs for a month, or she might buy a trailer. To haul the dogs from San Antonio to Vermont, and then live in it while she's there.

Is that weird? That seems weird to me.

Erin sent me this tonight. You can't tell, but there's a mirror off to his left, which he makes sure to watch himself in.

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So Erin found out Friday that she has gestational diabetes, and she's so incredibly indignant. It's just such a pain, and so confusing, and she's so hungry, and the worst part is, the nurse told her she fits the profile, being slender, all belly, twins, so why didn't they say that earlier, so she could have been proactive and prevented this!??

I keep telling her it doesn't work that way, it was either going to happen or it wasn't, it's only for a couple more months, and while diet will probably be enough to deal with this, diet didn't cause it, and for GOD'S SAKE GOOGLE IT.

Poor thing, she's incredibly ginormous, and it's all babies. She's due April 27, but they're talking about inducing her April 11. I'll be surprised if she lasts that long. She's been having Braxton Hicks contractions since December, really, and she's miserable. But, hey, she wouldn't be Erin if she wasn't miserable, so she's actually fine.

Tentative plans are for me to head up to VT April 3 and stay until May 8. That's a long time to live in a house where I have to wait for Nic to grind the beans and weigh the water in order to make me a pour-over cup of coffee every morning instead of just making it in a pot like a normal person. Seba's daycare was going to be closed that first week of April, which is why she wanted me there then, but now it's not, but she still wants me then. I know she wishes I was there all the time. She's really feeling the distance.

Nic teaches until the end of May, and Erin thought I could stay and help her until then, but that's a really long time to be away from home. Larry is going to take vacation the week of May 8th and I think I'll bring Sebastian home with me so he can help Larry plant flowers and stuff. That'll give everybody a break from each other. Then we'll take him back in a week or two.

That's my thinking right now, anyway. We'll see. They're going to name the boys Lucas and Isaac, which I like. Erin says since Nic insisted Sebastian's middle name be Byrne, after David, Isaac's middle name will be Lennon, after John, because they're playing some sort of weird competitive game via naming their children.

How do we feel about Lucas Chasez Poppe?

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